Houston was a small town in the 1940’s, but all that has changed. Houston has become a metropolis, and the real estate market is booming. In the 1940’s, it was unbearable hot, and there was no air conditioning. Due to the hot climate, it was not an easy place to live, and it was not a corporate headquarters destination. Now, it is a hug city with skyscrapers, suburbs and a magnet for corporate headquarters. Everyone lives, works and shops in air conditioning. As employment has increased, there is a greater need for real estate to house employees. New housing is being build, and shopping centers have grown.

One of the big real estate developments is a shopping center, the Highland Village. In the 1940’s Highland Village had a few stores. Now, covering 15 acres, it is a major shopping venue with stylish high-end stores as well as smaller modest shops. Highland Village covers 15 acres, and it has been described as one of the best performing and extraordinary malls.

The stores are encouraged to develop their own unique identities. LinkedIn reported that the purpose is to maintain the atmosphere of unique stores in a historic area. As the Highland Village has grown over the years, there have been several shops built at different times. This mixture of architectural styles makes it an interesting urban area. Innovative building style and design appeals to sophisticated shoppers.

One example of excellence in restaurants is dinning at chef’s Bruce Molzan best known restaurant in the Highland Village. Bruce Molzan’s Corner Table is a restaurant for foodies with dishes that have been referred to as retro with a menu that follows a paleo diet. For the modern diet, the restaurant serves food without gluten, grain, dairy and legumes. The atmosphere is convivial, and chief Molzan will walk through the restaurant visiting with the customers. The restaurant is filled every night, and it is difficult to get a reservation.

Haidar Barbouti has made a phenomenal contribution to the growth and development of real estate in the Houston area. He is the driving force behind Highland Village. He came to the United State in 1986. He has been working in the real estate field for over 20 years specializing in acquisition, expansion and supervising operations of shopping centers, housing and commercial buildings. There is another side to Haidar Barbouti. He is a philanthropist with concerns for the needs of the disadvantaged. His concerns focus on children and animals who he considers defenseless and in need of help. He has contributed to numerous other charitable causes. It is notable that he has designated retail space that he owns in Highland Village and provided that space for the Highland Village Adoption Center for animals.

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