In order to know how Brian Torchin created his company, it is important to know about his educational background first. He majored in exercise science from the University of Delaware. Then he went to study at New York Chiropractic College from 1992 to 1995. He earned his doctor of chiropractic degree from there.

In this way, he became a licensed as well as board-certified chiropractic practitioner. He set up his own clinic in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He had a good practice and he would alleviate the pain and suffering of his patients through his medical knowledge and skills.

It was in 2007 that Brian Torchin created HCRC Staffing which was a staffing firm. It used to look into the staffing needs of hospitals, healthcare companies as well as law firms. They could fill in the positions of dentists, chiropractors, as well as physician assistants, nurses, besides physical therapists along with urgent care providers.

In addition, HCRC could help companies along with medical offices to fulfill other positions in office management, besides billing, and front desk receptionists as well as public relations. Even for the legal industry, HCRC was able to help law firms in filling positions for the posts of attorneys, paralegals, as well as secretaries, assistants, along with administrators.

HCRC Staffing has a goal to find a qualified candidate who can fit in critical job roles and perform duties in legal as well as healthcare companies within a time-span of 72 hours.

Also, he is a former medical expert. Hence Brian Torchin is well aware that employee turnover is a major pain area in the field of healthcare and legal sector. This was why HCRC staffing was founded in order to address this issue. It provides a tool to the company through which they can fill in positions quickly as this is vital to run the operation of any business effectively.

Today HCRC Staffing has over 200 companies as its clients. The company helps them to find employees in the healthcare as well as legal sector. HCRC Staffing is serving a global audience. This is because they have clients from the United States, besides Australia, Europe as well as Canada.

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