The twenty-second edition of the Sertoes rally started well in July. The different contestants left Goiana, with a 155km of timed sections. The road required a lot of care, caution, and skill to maneuver. The pair of Michel Terpins could not finish the particular drive that day.

The failure by these two gentlemen had a quite logical explanation. The car in which they were to race in topped at various races, especially the KM62. The two did not suffer any injury, but the vehicle could not continue with the rest part of the contest.

The two were to participate in the Sertoes rally, the most awaited rally of the year. It is one of the most fruitful and enjoyable rallies to take part in. To win in this rally, you need to ensure that your car is in good shape and well serviced. You have to be extra careful and keen to details as the route may be tougher at times.

In this year, Michel Terpins will be participating for the tenth time in the race. He has made a debut for himself in the motorcycle industry. The debut has been sailed by his blood brother in the car arena. And in the past few years, Rodriguez Terpins has been in the limelight for his evolution when piloting the T-Rex.

Rodriguez feels honored to be able to compete with his brother during the 25-year edition of the game. The two have had a different experience altogether. Rodriguez argues that together with his brother, they have been able to prove that the car won an outstanding performance during the RN 1500.

Together with his co-pilot, Michel believes that the ride was quite a challenge, in particular on the various exhausting stretches on the road. He, however, believes that the main reason behind attaining the position that they attained could be as a result of a steady performance throughout the race. Despite being on their second day only, Michel Terpins still believes that there is a way to guarantee a win. He thinks that they gave a performance that was well over the minimum bar set.

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