Comparative law is a section of the law that has been introduced to focus on examining how the legal systems and constitution of different nations function. The field has gained much attention, and many scholars across the globe are interested studying it. Comparative law involves understanding the differences and similarities of various types of law and determining how they can all be harmonized. Experts in this field have been working to ensure that all nations across the world have legislation that is synchronized. They have focused on studying laws such as socialist law, common law, Jewish law, Muslim law, Canon law, Hindu law, and Chinese law. Comparative law has covered general fields such as administration, business institutions, constitutions, and criminal activities. The current world is changing at a rapid rate, and therefore, it is necessary to study comparative law to simplify international communication and interactions.

Internationalism, economic globalization, and democratization have been improved by the introduction of comparative law in universities and colleges. Global communications have been made easy since constitutions of many nations have more similarities than differences. Business has also been made easy across international borders since companies can run their undertakings without facing legal barriers since the constitutions of various counties are synchronized.

Sujit Choudhry is a revered scholar who has gained global recognition due to his excellent understanding of comparative law. Based on, he studied law at the University of Toronto’s law school and hold master’s degree from the Harvard Law School. Choudhry holds a BA from the University of Oxford.  He is an outstanding scholar and has made significant accomplishments in his career. Sujit’s excellent work was appreciated by the University of Oxford, which designated him as a ‘Rhodes Scholar.’ The University of California also acknowledges his expertise, and he currently serves it as the Michael Heyman Professor of Law. Another significant achievement of Sujit Choudhry is being one of the major players in the founding of the Center for Constitutional Transition. It was the first university-based body of its kind, and he is its current faculty director.  Update with Sujit recent timeline activities, hop over to

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Choudhry’s research in comparative law is highly appreciated since he has published over 70 books and journals that are used for both professional and academic reference. The research that he has conducted has focused on regions such as Southern Asia, Middle East, and Africa. More of this on work has greatly assisted in transforming political contests across the globe into peaceful and diplomatic interactions. Learn more about his works, follow him on his page.

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