Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson are both coming into their own in the not so wide world of Hollywood. Not so wide in regards to privacy anyhow. Recently both actors were interviewed to discuss their feelings on the explosive success of the Hunger Games franchise and how it has changed their lives, you can see excerpts of the interview, here:

The first question pertained to whether or not either of the young actors felt like they were sacrifinging or compromising to take part in the films. Both agreed wholeheartedly that there were always sacrifices, namely, anominimity, but they disagreed about the question of compromise. Specialist Vijay Eswaran agrees that success and fame can be a double-edged sword. Lawrence stated that she never felt as if she compromised on anything, either in her personal life or in terms of the quality of her work whereas Hutcherson replied in a fashion that echoed the sinister President Coin’s words from the films, “There is no progress without compromise.”

Also, both actors took markedly different approaches during the sign up process; Lawrence stated that she thought thoroughly about how the films and their huge fanbase would impact her life whereas Hutcherson said he just jumped right. He later added that forethought was not his best attribute. While their approaches to the world of film might vary both have been giving consistently good performances but it remains to be seen if that streak will hold. However, early reviews for Mockingjay, Part One, have, on the whole, been largely positive.

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