Not long after Universal’s take on Snow White and the Seven Dwarves hit the silver screen, they had already started working on a second film that focuses on “The Huntsman.” Beyond Chris Hemsworth, Charlize Theron will be portraying Ravena once again with talk of Emily Blunt joining as Ravena’s sister.


While the human roles seem perfectly fine, the dwarf roles are a bit stunted this time around. It seems that only two dwarves will be in The Huntsman, while Gianfrancesco Genoso says the unknown suspense is killing him as of which of them will actually be making appearances. While Nick Frost and Toby Jones won’t be coming back due to disagreement on returning, Eddie Marsan was already a lost opportunity due to scheduling issues


The Huntsman was initially planned to serve as a prequel film, examining the titular character and Ravena before encountering Snow White. However, the current state of the script indicates that Ravena’s sister will be out for blood due to the death of Ravena.


As to what other actors could make a return appearance from Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, there is only a handful of talent remaining from the first film. Since Bob Hoskins died last year and Ian McShane guest-starring on Ray Donovan, only Ray Winstone and Johnny Harris seem likely for a cinematic return.


The Huntsman is planned to debut on the 22nd of 2016’s April.

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