Whenever a major blockbuster gets close to a year of hype, there is bound to be some disappointment among critics and fans. The trailers and news about Interstellar make the movie seem like a sure fire hit. Its scope, plot and group of A-list actors mean that the movie will do very well in the box office. However, its early screenings have produced a mixed response from movie critics.

Most critics have referred to the movie as a visual masterpiece. They have also praised the ideas behind the movie, highlighting the incredibly ambitious nature of the story Nolan attempted to tell. However, there were some negative words about some of the plot devices and the ending of the movie.

Interstellar attempts to tell the story of an Earth that is close to its end. The planet’s atmosphere means that it cannot sustain life for much longer. A team of astronauts, led by Matthew McConaughey, attempts to explore the galaxy for hospitable plans where people can eventually move. “We were born here, but we were never meant to die here,” is one of the key lines from the trailers.

However, it is a mission that only he can lead. Anne Hathaway, Wes Bentley, and David Oyelowo also play astronauts on this mission.

Many critics and early viewers have compared Interstellar to 2001: A Space Odyssey. That movie received plenty of negative reviews when it came out, but emerged as a classic. Director Christopher Nolan, producer Tom Rothman and the entire cast and crew behind Interstellar will be hoping their space adventure can chart a similar path.

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