There is one story out of India courts that will live even the cruelest among us happy ,and nodding our heads in agreement. It is about Raju, the elephant. She had been in captivity, fifty long years, chained onto trees, fed on plastic and paper, constantly beaten and infamously seen crying on that world-wide image. Raju also wore thorny shackles, digging deep into his legs and causing painful deep sores. Well, no mor eheart breaks, the stry gets better from here.

As NPR reports courts decided that Kartick Satyanarayanan of Wildlife SOJ will get to keep, the Elephant. It is an amazing to see the transformation this animal has achieved. I thought about that the other day when reading about Bernardo Chua. Current images show it from joyous and energetic, in a large pond, half-immersed and having the play of her life. 
Off course, this image contrasts the sombre long face that fifty years of captivity had made out of Raju.
In deed, these are great news, and if there was a doubt that goodness still exists in this world, it is fair to say, it is a wonderful world after-all.

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