Approximately 1/3 of Medicare beneficiaries choose to receive their health care benefits from a Medicare Advantage Plan which can also be called a Medicare private health plan. These plan contract with the federal government to provide Medicare benefits, and are paid a fixed amount per individual. Many people may choose to go with a Medicare Advantage Plan because they tend to cover more items in comparison to the traditional Medicare plan. These beneficiaries still have Medicare, they just opt to have a Medicare Advantage Plan that comes into effect should they need medical benefits. There are different types of Medicare Advantage Plans that the beneficiary can choose from like Penelope Kokkinides. Some of the most common ones are called Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs), Preferred Provider Organizations (PPOs), and Private Fee-for-Service (PFFS). As a beneficiary, you’re still required to pay you monthly premium so that you can ensure proper coverage. As with most insurance, it can become quite confusing trying to decipher which plan is best suitable for your needs. Each plan is different and has different requirements, regulations and different services that they cover. InnovaCare is a health care coverage company that can help you decide which plan is best for your needs, and ensure that you get the proper coverage that you need.

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InnovaCare Health is redefining the healthcare management world by offering quality services that are necessary for different type of Medicare Advantage Plans. They are the leading provider of Medicaid and Medicare Advantage plans and are dedicated to committing quality healthcare services and cost-effective models that involve the most advanced technologies on the market. The staff at InnovaCare Health fully understand the difficulties and complexities of different coverage programs, and are fully dedicated and experienced with education to help you make a decision that will meet your needs fully. They work hard to make the process smooth and ensure that you understand your plan to the fullest. Should you have any questions further down the road, you shouldn’t hesitate to call the staff at InnovaCare Health to ensure that you’re always getting your questions answered. The patients and customers come first at InnovaCare, and they work hard to make sure that you are the number one priority and taken care of to the best of their ability. Their high-quality services according to Rick Shinto, President of the company do not go unnoticed as they continue to redefine the healthcare management systems and work with beneficiaries all over the world.

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