Investing seems like a daunting chore to many people. However, those same people would generally admit that it is beneficial to get a head start on creating a portfolio of investments that can help you become financially secure. With many industries booming around us, it could be hard to determine which ones are worth your hard earned cash through all the noise! If finding promising and fruitful investing opportunities is something you are interested in, then you should take a few minutes out of your day to research the opportunities within the E-cig industry. An ever growing industry that services both its consumers and investors. Below we’ll highlight two companies: O2Pur and British-American.

An excellent investment opportunity is: British-American Tobacco. Currently in the midst of an acquisition of Reynolds-American, it is a company whose total net worth will soar within the next financial period. Outside of it’s immediate value jump, it created a name for itself in the field with the taste of its products. BAT uses tobacco to push the flavor and texture of its e-cigs to the next level, increasing the flavor index and becoming really well received among fans of e-cigs. Within 10 weeks of launching a recent product line in Japan — The company had come on a 5.4% market share, with future plans to go world wide.

Next, we have O2Pur. A smaller company in a large space with an equally large potential of growth, both as a company and for investors. O2Pur is a company that distributes using an Ecommerce platform, allowing it to reach and serve more customers than traditional brick and mortar shops. Their store features a smooth and tasty e-liquid at a price that is competitive and fair. Combine this with their social media offerings and giveaways and you have a company that is in a position to enjoy exponential growth in the age of digital marketing.

While investing can seem like a lengthy process, understanding the net gains as well as what industry to look into can go a long way in helping you create the financial freedom that you deserve. And if overall growth excites you, then look no further!

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