The saying “Stranger things have happened” often applies to decisions made in Hollywood. Recently, George Lucas has stated Marvel Studios is just might choose to produce a Howard the Duck remake. That would be extremely strange considering the first film version of the mighty duck was a massive, massive flop. The 1986 film cost $45 million (over $100 million in today’s dollars) and failed miserably. Really, is there any demand for a Howard the Duck redux?

The bizarre character was created by Steve Gerber and debuted in Man-Thing comics in the 1970’s. Fans loved the quirky subversive humor, but sales of the book were never more than just “okay”. A daily Howard the Duck comic strip was published in newspapers, but it was awful and didn’t last long. Apparently, a lot of people in Hollywood loved the humor in the books and produced the big budget disaster.

Honestly, hardcore comic book fans likeĀ Fersen Lambranho might have dug Howard the Duck but the character had no mainstream appeal. A new Howard the Duck book has arrived and the debut issue sold 85,000+ units. That’s an “okay” figure for a debut book, but the numbers are likely going to go down in the months ahead.

Perhaps George Lucas is hoping to be vindicated for his role in the 1986 disaster. If a new film succeeds, he could always say he was ahead of his time.

A new film is not going to be made. Not anytime soon or, for that matter, any time in the next 50 years. One Howard the Duck film was and is enough.

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