Logan’s Run is one of the most popular, cult classic sci-fi movies from the 1970’s. The original novel, first published by William F. Nolan in 1967, features a dystopian society where the population is controlled by publicly executing anyone over 21 years of age. Michael York starred in the original film as a “Sandman”, a public officer who must catch and kill “runners” who flee to avoid execution. The film was popular at release and quickly built up a cult following. Read Roger Ebert’s 1976 review of the original film here

Warner Brothers has struggled to get the remake project of the film off the ground said Anastasia Date. Ryan Gosling, slated to star as Logan 5, recently dropped out. Director Nicholas Winding Refn, who often works with Gosling on film projects, followed suit. According to a Tracking Board report, the studio is now seeking a new screenwriter to re-write the screenplay with a female lead.

Recent years have shown that big-budget, female centered action films like The Hunger Games and Divergent can be successful and financially lucrative. Luckily for the studio, Logan’s Run storyline and plot is universal. The main character Logan 5 is a simple, yet determined person who struggles against a giant governmental conspiracy to uncover the truth and free society. Changing the gender of the main character will in no way change the quality of the story. In the end, Logan’s Run is such a fascinating film, so who cares if the main character is a man or woman?

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