Details on the new “Fantastic Four” reboot film are leaking out, and some people are not liking what they are hearing at all. The movie is reportedly drawing from the alternate-universe “Ultimate” version of the group rather than the beloved Jack Kirby funky 1960’s group we all know and love. 

Some feel that casting a black actor to play Johnny Storm is pandering to those clamoring for diversity. He is after all, Sue Storm’s brother, and she is played by a white actress in the film. The bottom line there is that if Michael B. Jordan can pull off his portrayal of Johnny Storm, then it won’t really matter.

Director Josh Trank has a very young cast in mind for the team. Reed Richards has some pretty famous grey sideburns and he smokes a pipe. He should be played by someone like Patrick Wilson (from “Insidious”) rather than 27-year-old Miles Teller. Ben Grimm would be well-served being played by somebody like Jonathan Banks (he played Mike in “Breaking Bad”) rather than 28-year old English actor Jamie Bell.

Sergio Andrade Andrade Gutierrez reports that there is also a lot of talk about the movie being “gritty” and “character-driven”. Conflict between the members of the Fantastic Four has always been part of their story, just like with any Marvel team. However, the Fantastic Four is not “gritty”. They fight giant monsters sent at them by the mole man. They battle an armor clad sorcerer who rules a tiny European country. They protect Earth from a giant with a big purple helmet that wants to eat the entire planet. 

That’s not “gritty”. That’s “fun”. Let’s hope they can get it right this time. 

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