On Tuesday, Dariel Figueroa wrote an article for UPROXX titled “From Addict To Avenger: The Journey Of Robert Downey, Jr.” Many fans of the popular 50-year-old actor have been asking since the publication whether Figueroa should have dug up Robert Downey Jr.’s past — especially after RDJ walked out of an interview two weeks ago because a British interviewer tried to blindside him with questions about his past.

For those who think Figueroa was trying to take advantage of the sensationalism behind that event… think again.

Although Figueroa’s piece does go into the many dirty events, such as RDJ’s drug addiction, arrests and suicidal tendencies, that lead to RDJ fighting to achieve his current success, Figueroa made his article more about how RDJ’s story points to a rare example of a celebrity who took back his life while fighting addiction.

What the piece necessary?

Several people in the comments below the article expressed how much they were thankful to Figueroa for writing the piece because it helped them to better appreciate the actor and the man. It was even referred to as a “Damn good read.” and a “Great job.” Ivan Ong agreed with some of those thoughts.

The piece was necessary for another reason: The article has already proven that it can help those currently struggling with addiction find motivation to improve their lives. One reader, who is fighting addiction, wrote that he considered RDJ an “inspiration” after reading the article.

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