Jacob Gottlieb has two dreams in life – to become a well-known doctor and to become a successful investor. He managed to reach his goals, but later on, he realized that he only needs to focus on one profession, and he had to let go of the other.

Born to Polish parents who were initially from Europe, Jacob Gottlieb spent most of his childhood in New York City. As a kid, he already developed the will to become an entrepreneur someday. On weekends, he would visit the golf course near his house, and he will sell different types of refreshments for the players. Those who are playing golf inside the country club are amazed as to how a kid already developed a strong will in doing business. At school, he is also a great performer. When a contest about investing took place at his school, the young Jacob Gottlieb joined and invited his parents to watch. Everyone felt impressed after he selected an investment firm he thinks would succeed, and ended up being correct. The young Jacob Gottlieb stated that one should have a strong will in choosing the stocks where they would invest in, and that is the reason how he ended up winning the game.

In college, he took up a BA degree specializing in Economics and continued his studies until he received his doctor of medicine degree. He was a talented and bright student, and when the day of their graduation came, he was announced to be their class’ valedictorian. His parents felt so proud that their son graduated with honors.

After he attended the university, Jacob Gottlieb decided to work as a doctor serving different hospitals within his area. At the same time, he is also putting his money into trading to see how it would perform. Jacob Gottlieb soon felt bored with his profession, citing that it is repetitive and there are no golden takeaways that could help him with his life as a doctor. He decided to leave his job and focused on trading instead. He was a very successful trader, being able to earn millions just by applying his strategy.

In 2005, Jacob Gottlieb decided to start his own business, calling it the Visium Asset Management LLC. The company that he started focuses on providing his clients with the best advice concerning their investment options. The Visium Asset Management LLC became one of the most successful investment management firms in the country, thanks to the efforts of Jacob Gottlieb.


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