If you haven’t seen ‘Jurassic World’ or mind a few points being spoiled, turn back now! We pretty much have to confess our gigantic man-crush for Jake Johnson before diving into this bit. Johnson has been the star of the hit television series ‘New Girl’ for the past five seasons. His turn as Nick in the series has been something amazing to watch. Johnson is an amazing improv performer and his ability to dip in and out of various depths of the scene really add texture. Having professed our love for the actor, we have to say that he was one of our favorite parts of ‘Jurassic World’ and we are pleased to hear that he may be further involved with a sequel.

When Johnson was cast in ‘Jurassic World’ we were almost sure he’d be there to add comic relief to an otherwise heavy film said my friend Flavio Maluf. Our biggest fear was that he would be having a villainous turn, with some sort of relation to the deceased Nedry (it’s the glasses, people). But alas he wasn’t. Instead Johnson was our favorite cut-to character in the movie. Every time that the camera rolled to him, Johnson had something hilarious to say. From his tactless passion for the original failed ‘Jurassic Park’ to his meticulously set up Dinosaur exhibit at his desk, he was always hilarious.

Now Jake Johnson, who was well received in the blockbuster hit, will probably be coming back for the ‘Jurassic World’ sequel and we couldn’t be happier.

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