The news is out and the title of the twenty-fourth James Bond movie will be “Spectre.” As any Bond fan can probably tell you, the title hints at the terrorist organization of bad guys that has plagued the British Secret Service agent for decades. Lee G. Lovett comments that the new film comes at a time when Bond really could not be any more popular.

The most recent movie to feature James Bond was 2012’s “Skyfall,” and the movie managed more than a billion dollars in box office receipts worldwide. That total allows the movie to lay claim to being the highest grossing movie in the franchise, which means “Spectre” has quite a bit to live up to.

However, the new film has a few distinct advantages as the writers and directors from the previous film have all returned for the new one, and the good news does not end there either. Daniel Craig will also return as 007. Therefore, most of the creative team behind bringing the spy back to prominence will be working diligently to keep Bond in his place.

Of course, there are several new faces joining “Spectre” as well, but secondary characters tend to not do very well in terms of longevity on screen in the franchise. Still, it’s really hard to bet against a team that has already pushed one successful film to the top and revived what was viewed as a flagging franchise.

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