James Dondero, the co-founder and the current President of Highland Capital Management awarded the Family Place $1 million in grant this year to help victims of domestic violence in the city of Dallas. The grant was administered through Highland Dallas Foundation that James help set up. The Humanitarian organization had already raised about $200,000 before the big announcement but was still short of their targeted $16.5 million. James Dondero in an interview raised awareness about the domestic violence issue and urged individuals and companies to contribute to the cause.

Highland Capital Management is an investment company operating out of Dallas. The company is one of the top alternative investment companies offering a broad range of services including distressed investment, structured investment services, and hedge funds services to their clients across the country. The company serves a varied client base that includes high net worth individuals, large corporations, government agencies, foundations, financial institutions and much more.

Highland Capital Management roots go long back to 1990 when James Dondero and Mark Okada created a company together with Protective Life Insurance Corporation. In the year 1993, they changed the name of the company to Protective Asset Management Company (PAMCO), and James and Mark became 40% owners, and Protective Life held 60% owner of the company. It, however, changed in 1997 when James and Mark bought the stake in the company from Protective Life and established a SEC registered company. In 1998, they changed the name of the company to Highland Capital Management.

Over the years, the company has managed to reach new milestones under the leadership of James Dondero. James has years of experience in the financial industry. Having worked with his company at different levels of management, he has gained first-hand knowledge of strategic management and operations of the company. He understands the complexity of the business world and takes on new challenges without any fear.

Apart from being a successful CEO of his company, James Dondero is also a reputed philanthropist. He has contributed to many NGOs and institutions in Dallas and other states that aids in education, veteran’s affairs, and other issues.

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