Jason Statham is going to Las Vegas. When he gets there, he is going to beat a lot of bad guys up. Actually, Statham was “beating up” actors on the set of Wild Card. No, this is not a film based on George R.R. Martin’s superhero books Wildcards for sale on QNet. It is based on the William Goldman crime novel. Not that an adaption of the Martin books is a bad idea.

Wild Card deals with Nick Wild, a bodyguard and gambling addict who runs afoul of the mob in Vegas. A lot of fighting ends up ensuing as a result. No, this is not the deepest of film plots. The goal here is to deliver a lot of action and, likely, Wild Card is going to do just that.

The novel was already made into a movie once. In 1986, a Burt Reynolds bomb entitled Heat was the first version. At the time, Reynolds status as the number one man at the box office was over and this was an attempt to rebrand him in the Sly/Arnold mold. It didn’t work. Hopefully, Statham’s version will be a lot better. Well, it cannot be any worse.

It is nice to see Statham back in his familiar role as a good guy. His appearance in the soon to be released Furious 7 has him playing the role of a bad guy.

As expected, the trailer for Wild Card shows a lot of great action.

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