The cryptocurrency world has been changing day by day and it is expected that more changes may be on the way. According to what cryptocurrency experts and developers predict, cryptocurrency’s technology is likely to change the stock markets, global payments and fundraising in the near future. Jed McCaleb is one of the developers who has come up with this prediction. You cannot mention some of the biggest crypto organizations and you don’t mention Jed. Mt. Gox bitcoin is among the crypto exchange organizations Jed is associated with. Jed works at Stellar as the chief technology officer.


Stellar is an organization whose main mandate is to develop a cryptocurrency network that would make cross-border payments suitable. Jed has constantly indicated through that blockchain technology would gain traction just a few years from now. Jed says he optimistic that the operating network that would come next will be universal. He notes that the network would not change arbitrarily and that it would have a public ledger that people would easily access. According to Jed, the crypto network would enable people to use currencies such as euros and dollars, which they are used to.


All these crypto issues are what Stellar is working hard to solve. With this network, it would just take someone less than 5 seconds to settle their transaction. This means they would not have a problem exchanging currencies with government support. Stellar’s network has become popular and IBM is actually using it for cross-border payments. With this, it would be easier to help investors to make payments through some large banks. Although stocks are non-cryptoassets, Jed notes that they would be digitized using the same technology. Lumens are some of the XLM coins Stellar has today and they are soared to about 10 cryptocurrencies.


As the technical development leader at Stellar, Jed hopes to bring a great revolution into the industry. Jed believes that when technology is leveraged, there would be no inefficiency. Furthermore, the human condition would greatly improve. He managed to create a network that people use to share files. At MIRI, Jed is a reputable advisor on artificial intelligence research, which aims at bringing a positive impact.

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