Jorge Moll has spent much of his time in research trying to explore complex issues particularly in psychology and neural system. He has produced various publications including human moral cognition, the relationship between human brain and morals, activation of anterior and front-polar temporal cortex and psychopath disorder among other academic-based journals. He is highly profiled even by Forbes for his contribution and shared expertise. Learn more about Jorge on Wikipedia.

Moral Cognitive neuroscience has been an area of interest where he has dived deeply on alongside other researchers including Ricardo Oliveira Souza, Frank Krueger, Roland Zahn and Jordan Grafman. They have successfully been able to establish consistent brain regions determining behavior and social cognition. In medical practice, this has helped better manage patients with brain dysfunction or impairment that make them not to fit in the society.

Mr. Jorge Moll has also researched understanding and enhancement of afflictive emotions in human beings’ brain. He has attempted to explain tenderness – affection and empathy emotions through pattern analysis via fMRI neural feedback. He hopes the findings will help understand brain signatures of these emotions. Clinically and psychologically it will help people with and anti-social behavior and trigger their pro-social brain functioning. It is a complex duty since it is not easy to control emotions or decode them


About Jorge Moll Neto

Jorge Neto holds a masters degree in Public Health from the Federal Rio De Janeiro University in Brazil. He professionally practices medicine as a cardiologist. In addition, he is a renowned researcher who has deliberately chosen to explore the field of neurology where he is passionate about helping people with disorders lead a quality life or manage brain dysfunction. Jorge Moll Neto is a lead researcher with IDOR Research Institute in Brazil.

Other than a professional career in cardiology, he has lead to the materialization of some startup companies in his area of specialty. In 1977 he established a diagnostics and imaging laboratory which has risen to be among top-ranked lab operators. D’OR Labs have since been publicly traded and has since then acquired a hospital in Sao Paulo. Jorge Neto is the President of Rede D’OR. He is married with five children and lives in Rio de Janeiro. Learn more about Jorge Moll at Google Scholar.

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