The need for continuing education is something that appears to have been on the mind of Kevin Seawright of the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation, the Chief Financial Officer has returned to college himself and is pushing education as key to the future of the Newark community. Market Watch has reported Seawright has recently nreturned to college at Notre Dame University in a bid to pass thre Executive Leadership Program. Things appear to be progressing well in his studies as Seawright was awarded a special Certificate of Achievement for his work on phase two of the course.

The second course in the program tauht at the Mendoza College of Business seeks to show the leaders from nonprofit organizations attending the program how they can assist their agencies by making sure the boardroom structure suits their changing needs. As the nonprofit agencies of the world are constantly evolving and facing new challenges the need to monitor how best to work at boardroom level is of great importance.

His VisualCV shows Kevin Seawright sees more in his move towards continuing education than simply the need to aid the Newark CEDC, instead seeing this as a good teaching tool for his role as a community leader. For more than a decade the accountancy and project management professional has also taken on a key role in the commuinities he works and lives in, which now includes his own quest to push forward the need for education to play a key role in the lives of the people he lives and works alongside.

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