Jay and Silent Bob might be coming out of retirement for two new films in stead of one. Actor and director, Kevin Smith recently tweeted about the upcoming schedule of films he is working on. He ended the tweet with the line “I smell a rat…” This led to immediate fan speculation that he would be returning to the characters from 1995’s Mallrats.

In the story that can be seen here it is reported that he will indeed be doing a Mallrats 2. This is after filming Clerks III and Hit Somebody this year and Moose Jaws next Spring. That puts the earliest that production could begin at sometime in the summer of 2016 for a possible 2017 release.

He faces some difficulties with the film. It is now 20 years later and the word “mallrats” does not resonate with the culture like it did in the 90s. Some of the actors may not be available to return. Ben Affleck, in particular, is scheduled to begin his run as the Batman next year and might not have the time to turn in his cowl and return to his slacker roots. Additionally, the script for the film is only half complete. Fans like Sergio Cortes have learned that Smith says he has some idea of where he wants to go with the film, but no details are being released yet.

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