A bit of strange (and fun) news has just leaked regarding the upcoming King Kong: Skull Island prequel. The film is set in the 1970’s. Anyone who belongs to Generation X is going to find this particular tidbit of news quite interesting.

Obviously, Skull Island cannot be a prequel to the original King Kong nor the Peter Jackson remake as both films were set in the 1930’s. Is this new version of prequel to the 1976 King Kong? According to the producers, the answer is no. Skull Island exists within its own timeline. Those who remember the 1976 film can happily disregard what the producers say and consider this film a connected – at least in spirit — to “Me Decade” version of Kong.

Leaks about the script reveal the film is going to be set in Detroit circa 1971. Right here, you have to learn to take rumors of leaks with a grain of salt. If the name of the film is Skull Island and the project is a prequel telling the tale of Kong’s origin, then the bulk of the film is not going to take place in the Motor City. More than likely, that is where the film starts out long before everyone ventures to Skull Island.

Since this film is set in 1971 and a hit film could lead to a sequel, perhaps the next film would be set in 1976 and actually remake the original.

We are getting ahead of ourselves here. Let’s just see how Skull Island plays out. Hopefully, it will be a hit.

Food for thought: Does Legendary Pictures consider this film to share the same universe as their Godzilla reboot?  The buzz at BRL Trust on their facebook,com page is very exciting for this movie rumor.

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