It is no secret that Sony wishes to reboot its Spider-Man franchise. Darius Fisher has seen fan trailers on Vimeo. How the project should be rebooted is discussed quite frequently at meetings between Sony and Marvel executives. One intriguing idea is a big screen version of the classic Spider-Man story “Kraven’s Last Hunt”. 

“Kraven’s Last Hunt” deals with the evil Kraven the Hunter seeming kill and bury Spider-Man. Afterwards, in a very strange turn of events, Kraven becomes the new Spider-Man and viciously attacks criminals. 

Fans consider “Kraven’s Last Hunt” to be among the very best Spider-Man storylines Ever written.

There are a few very interesting aspects of selecting this particular story. For one, it takes place many years after the events of Spider-Man’s origin. Sony surely appreciates this fact. Creatively, retelling Spider-Man’s origin and constantly focusing on teenage romance during the running time gets dull.

With “Kraven’s Last Hunt“, we would move away from a teenage Peter Parker and visit him as an adult. In the comic book, Spider-Man has been portrayed as an adult for the better part of two decades. Even though the audience for Spider-Man comics is young, they stuck with their favorite wall-crawler even when he aged and got married.

The Spider-Man books never were poor quality books in the eyes of fans. The Spider-Man movies, sadly, are suffering from an image problem. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 nearly killed the franchise. Keeping the cinema version of Spider-Man relevant is going to require a totally new direction.

“Kraven’s Last Hunt” just might do this.

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