The Frontera Fund was initiated by Lacey and Larkin, two reporters who suffered great injustices due to the practices of Joe Arpaio. The unjust sheriff of the Maricopa county has caused a lot of problems for people of multiple agencies.

The way that this judge has tormented and accused people of multiple races is atrocious and has long been countered by oppositions who are unable to agree with his standards of operation. Due to the complexities of Joe Arpaio’s career as sherrif, a lot of people have suffered.

He has a history of subjecting immigrants and migrant workers to unfair prisons and jails in Mexico. He also had a specialized task force that would complete unique missions often times to pursue his political enemies. This task force would also pick on people and businesses that Arpaio would select.

Lacey and Larkin were targets of these criminal activities more than ten years ago. They pursued Arpaio in court, and Maricopa County had to pay the two a settlement of nearly four million dollars. The funds from this settlement were used to setup the Frontera Fund.

This initiative is dedicated to improving the quality of civil liberties defense throughout the state of Arizona. Their efforts have helped achieve multidimensional acclaim in addition to a unique vantage point when it comes to offering high quality legal support. Learn more about James Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

The benefits of the Frontera fund are multi-dimensional and there are significant opportunities for success with this organization. They have facilitated changes that not only improve the way that civil liberties are defended, but also increased public awareness of the harmful nature of negative proceedings.

Recent trial results were not favorable when it comes to the people affected by Joe Arpaio’s crimes. Donald Trump has granted an official pardon to Joe Arpaio despite his history of malicious behavior and misuse of power. Trump had received support from Arpaio during the early stages of the election process. Read more: Michael Lacey | Twitter and Michael Lacey | LinkedIn

Arpaio was incredibly vocal about the issues surrounding former President Obama’s birth certificate. He was also instrumental in Donald Trump receiving the GOP election nomination. These factors led to an increased alliance between Trump and Arpaio. Arpaio has since been granted a presidential pardon that has forgiven him for the numerous atrocities committed throughout the state of Arizona.

Not only is this decision highly controversial, but it sets a new precedence for the legal proceedings relating to migrant worker rights. Civil liberties are further threatened by the political standpoint garnered with this presidential decision. There are limited opportunities for development that are possible due to Arpaio’s horrible actions being rectified by the presidential pardon.

The Frontera Fund will continue to improve the quality of lives for immigrants and migrant workers. They will also help develop steadfast results to improve access to legal assistance and immigrant worker rights.

It is important for these civil liberties to be protected as well as first amendment rights that have been fought for for generations. Lacey and Larkin will continue to stand by the mission of the Frontera Fund to increase access to quality rights.

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