Rick Smith is a renowned electrical engineer based in North America. He attended the University of Rochester where he earned an MBA and later joined the State University of New York at Brockport acquiring a post-graduate degree in mathematics. The electrical engineer also sold an associate degree in applied science from the State University of New York at Buffalo. Rick Smith has earned an incredible reputation for his leadership in Securus Technologies. He serves as the chief executive officer as well as the president of Securus Technologies. The firm provides security services in correctional facilities through investigation, monitoring and ensuring the public is safe. Mr. Rick uses his expertise in delivering top-notch technology, which improves custodial activities in the firm. He attends to over one million inmates in the United States through Securus Technologies.

Mr. Smith began working in 1972, at Global North America Inc. after his graduation. He later proceeded to join Frontier Information Technologies as the chief information officer. Rick Smith advanced to serve Frontier Corp as the president for over twenty years. The electrical engineer was later hired by Midwest Telephone Operation to work as the vice president. During his reign at Midwest Telephone Operation, he served various posts, which involved the chief financial officer in 1998 and the president in 2000. Mr. Smith was further absorbed by Eschelon Inc. as the chief operating officer of and later appointed as the company’s chief executive officer in 2003. After working with Eschelon Inc., he joined Securus Technologies as the chairman since 2009.

Rick Smith’s working experience and leadership skills improve Securus Technology’s performance, making the firm to become an undisputed leader in the corrections industry. Mr. Smith helps the security firm to solve and prevent crimes by providing state-of-art technology in criminal and civil justice. The company upgraded its communication services in correctional facilities through offering visual, and voice calls for inmates to their loved ones. Prisoners have an email setup devices that connect them to the outside world. Under the leadership of Rick Smith, the company offers improved intelligence on information for over 2450 public safety institutions, law enforcement, and correction agencies.

More clients seek protection and investigation services from Securus Technologies. The customers involve public security agencies, business owners, and correction groups. The firm offers a platform for suggestions of improvements of their products. Recommendations are published weekly, which helps to solve and prevent more social hitches in the correction industry. Rick Smith acknowledges receiving letters and emails from customers, for the satisfaction of services provided to them. With knowledge and skills in telecommunication, Rick Smith is socially responsible for incorporating safety and technology into the DNA of the company that has helped to increase security within communities in the United States.


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