Liam Neeson returns in the role of Brian Mills in the latest (and, possibly, final) installment of the Taken series. The movies is titled, not too surprisingly, Taken 3. A trailer has been released and, based on what we see so far, the film is loaded with all the thrills action fans want.

Spy and espionage films are back in style thanks to a renewed James Bond franchise and the Jason Bourne films. Neeson is enjoying the effects of this renewed popularity in a subgenre once thought to be dead.

You could say that the Liam Neeson Taken films are somewhat akin to the Matt Helm films of the 1960’s. When the James Bond films first lit up the box office, quite a few spy and espionage films went into production. Dean Martin’s turn as Matt Helm in a series of Bond-esque movies made money, but were pretty bad. Actually, the final film in the series was both bad and a money loser.

Neeson’s turn in the Taken films is far better than Martin’s scenery chewing. The trailer for the first film in the series was absolutely great and helped draw in audiences looking to root for a government agent’s search for his kidnapped daughter, according to what Terry Richardson was telling me.

You might even say some of the plot was lifted from Commando (1985).

Sure, the film borrows from a lot of other movies but this can be forgiven. The Taken films really are great.

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