What on this earth is more majestic, more awe inspiring, more breathtaking than a unicorn? They possess a mane crafted purely of the dreams of super models and their spiraling horn can pierce through the armor of the most valiant of king Arthur’s knights. Their muscles are crafted by the fingertips of wood nymphs and with each galloping stride they take they sends sound waves of pure thrash metal out into the world. These mythical creatures frolic in the most vibrant of all of our dreams, and yet, they also reside inside of you. Don’t be afraid, my dear, Lime Crime is here to harness the beast within.

Lime Crime labs have crafted makeup made for unicorns. These potent potions of beauty are all vegan and cruelty free. They tote an original formula that turns that pouting pucker of yours from a liquid shine to a matte, smudge-free smootcher. You can choose from shades like fetish, or beet it which turns your lips into a tantalizing shade of plum that will make mouths water. If that unicorn heart is beating deeply in your chest try your bedazzled hoof at a shade like the pure black of stiletto and let your vampire child reign supreme.

If you prefer to glam up, like many people have done on Pinterest, those big ole windows to the soul Lime Crime has you covered. Let your unwashed hair down and smear on a shade like rebirth, a stunning coral hue, from the grunge collection. If your feeling more angelic, sin no more with the Venus II palette. Rock a shade with shimmer, like boot, and you’ll have those diamond eyes twinkling clear out of your skull. If you’re going for a sultry cat eye what could be more tantalizing than some blue milk eye liner curving delicately around those pretty little opticals? Maybe pair some stiletto stained lips with a yellow-green citreuse eye liner and completely destroy all those that challenge you.

Lime Crime doesn’t just stop with lips and eyes, it offers a whole line of ridiculously bold and beautiful hair dyes that will turn you into the anime unicorn of your dreams. How has anyone lived life without the option of rainbow colored, blue, orange, or cotton candy pink hair? There is no point in an existence where your hair doesn’t double as the window display for a cotton-candy shop. Mouth watering.

Lips that make the masses drool, eyes that hypnotize, hair that has been crafted from an artists palette- you are fully ready to become the unicorn that you were always meant to be. Now, let that magical creature burst forth from within and run free!  The Lime Crime Tumblr has other good examples.

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