Did you see that? Yep, bright hair, radient smile and makeup that is so colorful and bold that you can’t help but take a second look. That’s Lime Crime in a few words. Let’s face it, people are tired of living lives that are full of depressing shades and they want to use makeup as an extention of their freedom and personal expression. That’s why Doe Deere and her company are offering unicorn hair colors that many people can not take their eyes off of and there is nothign wrond with that. You might be wondering just what the colors are.

To be honest there are so many it would be too hard to go into detail about each one of them but here are a few that are sure to please. You have full colors like juicy, lipstick, blue smoke, sea witch and many others. One thing people love is not just the colors but the fact that the company creativeness shows even in their product names. You can also get hair tints that are pastels and lighter shades that leva a light color on the hair.

All of these hair dyes can be used with the cosmetic line of makeup to make a more beautiful you. For example the Venus XL Palette is a perfect extension of the palette that started it all. It is bright, colorful and bold. Lime Crime makeup fans have been waiting for this palette for awhile. It features 18 shades that last forever with 4 finishes and there is even an swipe that can be used on eyes, facial areas and cheeks. This is made so that the colors will last longer and fall off and disappear like so many of the other makeup products we see from other cosmetic companies. This is because of the way Lime Crime created the product and the ingredients that they used. It is important to keep in mind that all of their products are vegan friendly too. This also means there is no animal testing of any kind. This is a win for anyone leading a vegan lifestyle.

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