It’s exciting to know the one of your childhood movies will have a prequel and what’s even more exciting about it is that it’s going to be a trilogy. I’m talking about Star Wars that will be premiering by December of 2016.

Watching the first trilogy as a kid, you’d end up fantasizing about having Jedi powers with super cool lightsabers. Fighting alongside the rebels or sometimes, being Darth Vader of the empire. I’d spend days and nights pretending that I was in some strange star and looking for something with a hover craft or I’d be racing along the dunes of some planet.

It’s nothing but pure elation and nostalgia. It’s great to hear but also a little scary because the 6 movies were such a masterpiece and you’d be hoping that the next ones wouldn’t ruin the last ones. It’s great that I’d be able to show my friends that haven’t seen the movies, like Lee G Lovett, how Star Wars shaped my imagination as a young kid.

Gary Whitta was reported to be writing the script for the first movie of the trilogy. He was the screenwriter for ‘The Book of Eli’ and ‘After Earth’. After submitting his first draft, he left the creative team behind.

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