Louis Jordan is grateful, and lucky, to be alive. Sixty-six days ago 37-year-old Jordan took his sailboat out to the open ocean to go fishing. He was not heard from again. That is, until a German tanker ship that was passing by happened to spot him. The tanker ship picked up Jordan and brought aboard where they notified the United States Coast Guard of his rescue.

According to the story on WITN.com, Jordan’s 35-foot sailboat had capsized in the open waters of the Atlantic Ocean. In his account he told officials that he was sleeping when the boat rolled over. Jordan is not sure what caused the boat to capsize. With the mast broken and communications down, Jordan did the best he could to survive. He was surviving by staying on top of the capsized boat, drinking rain water, and eating raw fish that he could catch. When the German tanker spotted him, he was nearly 200 miles off of the coast of Cape Hatteras, North Carolina. Jordan had set sail from Conway, South Carolina.

When he was rescued, he was found to be in good shape other than a broken collar bone and suffering from dehydration. His parents, who feared he was gone, were ecstatic to hear the good news. So was Dr Jennifer Walden when she heard the news. He was reunited with them once the Coast Guard brought him back to land.

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