Marc Sparks is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to business. He is also a philanthropist and a venture capitalist. When talking about success, Marc Sparks knows that it’s not a matter of luck. Instead, Marc Spark says that one has to work hard and beyond that, don’t despise the people below you. This is why he has embarked on a mission of helping those wishing to succeed through guidance and mentorship. To ensure that his advice reaches everyone around the globe, Marc Sparks has written a book called They Can’t Eat You. Through this book, he uses his story as an example of how people can succeed in life despite failing in school. This book was written is 2014, and it’s still available on Amazon. As earlier mentioned, Marc Sparks does not believe in keeping all the money he makes for himself. He donates some of this money to the less fortunate. Learn more:


According to the man himself, Marc Sparks is a serial entrepreneur. The term is used to describe someone who has started many businesses. He is known to specialize with telecommunications, but this does not hinder him from starting businesses in other fields. Some of his most notable businesses in telecommunication include Cardinal Telecom, Blue Jay Wireless as well as Splash Media. Marc Sparks currently lives in Dallas, Texas together with his wife and one daughter. Marc Sparks has a ranch in rural Texas and can be found on this property when not working. Learn more:


When it comes to philanthropy, Marc Sparks has been involved with a homeless shelter from Dallas since the early 1980s. The homeless shelter is called the Samaritan Inn. Marc Sparks says that he has realized that whoever gives get. He even jokes that it’s a scientific fact. He is also involved with another venture called Habitat for Humanity ( Through this venture, he has managed to build homes for the homeless in the United States. Finally, Marc Sparks is involved with another venture called the American Can Foundation. This is a foundation that focuses on educating children from poor backgrounds by providing them books and other learning materials.

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