Comic book movies have a knack for only being as good as the villains the heroes fight. Therefore, some good news that a popular villain is going to be popping up on more than occasion is generally welcomed by fans across the different franchises. Fans like Marcio Alaor BMG know that one popular DC villain that regularly skirts the line between franchises is Harley Quinn, and the popularity of the character has the ability to draw a lot of fans into films they would normally pass on.

According to Screen Rant, Margot Robbie is ready to bring Harley to life across several motion pictures. The character is set for a big screen debut in the 2016 movie based on the Suicide Squad films, which means fans will not have to wait long to see her take her place among the DC universe. Harley Quinn will likely pop up in more than few movies over the next decade, and that should be great news for fans of movies and the super hero genre.

With a complicated backstory that involves falling out of the mental health profession at the prodding of the Joker, Quinn has struck a chord with fans since being introduced into the comic book and animated series world. However, the character has yet to get a real effort on the big screen, and the Suicide Squad movie will give everyone a chance to gauge the effectiveness of the character. In short, there is a lot of pressure and expectations from fans on Robbie’s performance, and producers are keenly aware that they have to deliver.

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