Marvel Comics is having a little bit of fun with its die hard movie fans like Jared Haftel. Marvel Studios has released an “ant-sized” trailer for the upcoming Ant-Man film. Basically, Marvel released a smaller version of the trailer online. By “smaller”, it does not only mean Marvel released a version of the trailer with a shorter running time than the official teaser trailer slated to debut during the Agent Carter mini-series on January 6th. 

No, the smaller trailer really is a small trailer size wise. They shrunk it to about 1/1000th of the normal size of a YouTube display box. So, unless you have a microscope, you are not going to be able to see anything. Looks like you’re stuck waiting for the teaser’s debut on television. 

On a side note, it really does have a small running time of about 18 seconds. So, you really are going to have to wait until Agent Carter to get any real insight into the full scope of the film.

That said, there is a reason why superhero films do so well these days. The makers of the film really do understand what appeals to their core audience. Fans of superhero films love to have fun and a neat spin on a traditional teaser trailer like this reinforces the sense of fun you should expect when you enter the theater this summer when Ant-Man debuts.

Marvel does have its work cut out for it with this film because Ant-Man is not exactly as well known to the average moviegoer as Spider-Man or Captain America. In the current landscape, fans have discovered that 4 out of 5 superhero movies are fun and enjoyable so it doesn’t hurt to invest a few dollars on a movie ticket even when the character is not an established property. The release of a fun new trailer surely embodies the sense of fun these movies are supposed to get across.

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