The name Alexander Payne may not be immediately familiar to most people but he’s a director with a lot of credibility behind him. His most recent films have been such quirky successes as Nebraska and The Descendants, starring George Clooney. Alexander has a new project in a long slated period of gestation at the moment and it’s the topic of some very interesting speculation, many due to the fact that nothing about the film has really been released. Recently one new piece of information, however, did surface – that Matt Damon would be taking up the starring role in the film. This is something fans around the world will enjoy, including Keith Mann.

The film has been broadly defined as a satirical comedy by Payne and if that is truly the case it will be his first straight up comedy since Election. Though, to be fair, all of his films have had a noticeable amount of comedic flair, no matter how serious or existential they got. And Matt Damon seems to be a perfect fit, despite the fact that his career hasn’t exactly been what it once was. That isn’t to say he’s not been in films recently, it’s just that he’s been in so many that haven’t stuck with anyone. Regardless, the film’s synopsis, released by Payne reads only, “A man wakes up to one day realize that his life would have been much better if he had been shrunk.” Peculiar if nothing else.

You can check out more info about the story as it develops at,

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