For several years, dentists have been complaining about their current condition inside the clinics across the United States. For those who are practicing their profession with other dentists, their main problem is that they do not have the autonomy to do what they think is the best for their patients. For those professionals who have their own clinics, their main issue is mismanagement. These types of problems keep the dentists from doing their job right, and some end up stressed and no longer enjoying their job. A solution proposed to this problem is the creation of a dental network that will end these common problems faced by the dentists in the United States. Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva, a dentist based in Texas, recommended this solution. He established MB2 Dental Solutions, which is a firm who currently has the largest network of dentists in the United States.

The way the profession is practiced significantly changed after the introduction of MB2 Dental Solutions. The idea of creating a network can be traced to the experiences of Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva when he was still starting his career. Back at the time when the network has not been introduced, Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva can be seen working inside his clinic. He would hear various stories from his colleagues, stating how dissatisfied and unhappy they are working as a dentist. They have never been satisfied with the current system, and Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva began formulating a plan which would address the problems faced by his fellow dentists.

MB2 Dental Solutions was established in 2009. Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva stated that MB2 Dental Solutions will hire several dentists in order to create a large network of professionals. MB2 Dental Solutions will also be responsible for giving these dentists management support, working with autonomy and higher pay. MB2 Dental Solutions was well received by dentists, and they managed to hire a number of dentists during their introduction. Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva is confident that the creation of MB2 Dental Solutions will put an end to the traditional way of performing their jobs. He is optimistic that the dentists will now feel great enjoying autonomy in performing their jobs and better management support in order for them to succeed. Chris Steven Villanueva is still inviting dentists to be a part of MB2 Dental Solutions. He explained that once a dentist decided to join their company, they will be given all of the perks of being a member.

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