Jared Haftel graduated from Duke University in 2009 with a Bachelors Degree in Economics, Mathematics and Science. Since then he has been putting his expertise with number crunching to work in the competitive field of investment banking. He started out with an internship at Credit Suisse immediately after graduation.

His experience in the field includes working as a commodities analyst with the Global Industries Group at Merrill Lynch. His area of specialization while there was focused on Mergers & Acquisitions and debt and equity issuance’s in the metals, mining, chemicals, aerospace and defense industries. Jared worked with clients like CONSOL Energy, Huntsman Corporation, GeoEye and EMS Technologies.

From February 2009 to early 2011 Jared worked as an investment banker with Bank of America. The bank focuses on early and later stage venture capital, private equity and debt financing investments.

Jared worked as an associate with Vector Capital from 2011 until July of 2013. Vector Capital is involved in Venture Capital and Private Equity Investments. They focus on technology companies that are in their major growth stages.

Mr. Haftel has shared his many experiences in the investment banking industry with a multitude of aspiring young college graduates looking to get started as well. His many articles have covered everything from how to write a resume that gets recognized in the industry to how to conduct a successful interview with a potential employer in the banking sector. Other articles have broken down investment terminology to help clients and others to understand the various concepts involved in the business.

Jared truly wants to help others achieve their goals within the industry by being open and honest about how things work on the inside. He gives advice on Twitter on how to succeed in an investment banking internship. He stresses the importance of working as a team player in order to be successful in the industry. This innovative young businessman/writer is an active blogger on Facebook and other websites.

Currently Jared is forging ahead in the investment banking field with the expectations of sharing his knowledge with companies that can truly use the services of an energetic, forward looking investment banker.

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