Miley Cyrus is known to be a fun person, and she showed just how fun she was this past Tuesday night. Everyone knows that Miley has very short hair, and she has vowed to never grow her hair out again. Fortunately, Miley doesn’t have to grow her hair, since she has wigs that she can wear at any time. Miley Cyrus. On Tuesday, Miley decided to change her hair four different times, and she tried on one wig after another. Miley can be a lot of fun, and she has been seen wearing an 80s wig with the long strings in her past shows.

Miley is well known for controversy, but she is not always one to want to protest something, and to be in the news for her antics. Miley was recently in the news because she got a very small white kitty, and the cat is so cute. She took pictures of the cat walking around, and many commented on how beautiful the cat is. Miley is well known to be a pet person, and she cried about losing her pet fish.

Miley even chose to write a song about her pet that died, and it was able to bring her to tears. Wikipedia even wrote that Miley has proven that she is a sensitive person, and no matter how much controversy is surrounding her, she is overall a very good person. Miley is also a ton of laughs, and she continues to gain many fans.

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