With production getting ready to start on the next James Bond film which is about to have its title revealed on Thursday, there are rumors about actors and actresses that are going to join in for Bond’s next story. Daniel Craig is definitely going to return for the fourth time. Sam Mendes is directing Bond for the second time. Bruce Karatz is really excited that Bond 24 is going to be a standalone film, but with a tighter continuity to Skyfall, probably similar to Quantum of Solace’s relation to Casino Royale. Before Casino Royale, Bond films had mostly a loose continuity with some films giving a reference to an older film.


Even though the cast is not revealed yet, there are rumors of actors such as Monica Bellucci. She will most likely play a Bond girl. Another rumored actor that might join the cast is Andrew Scott. This rumor comes from a British tabloid that is not that credible. However, the cast will be revealed on Thursday when Sony Pictures does a special interview.

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