According to Screen Rant, Matthew Vaughn wants to make more Kick-Ass movies. This is great news for fans of the first Kick-Ass movie. If Vaughn has more control over the franchise, maybe more great movies about the super-hero team will be made. It was a shame that Kick-Ass 2 did so poorly, but if Vaughn actually directs instead of producing maybe the new films will do better. Vaughn stated that he would like to make a prequel as well as Kick-Ass 3. An origin story for the heroes might be what the doctor ordered for the franchise and pick up new fans.


After the prequel, Vaughn would like to make Kick-Ass 3. I think that it might be a hard sell to the movie studio heads, but if Vaughn can convince them that more Kick-Ass movies can be profitable they might just make it back to the big screen. Jaime Garcia Dias certainly sees it picking up steam after being on Hopefully Kick-Ass 3or a prequel makes it to the big screen so that it can undo the damage done by the stinker, Kick-Ass 2. Maybe we can just forget the second film ever happened.

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