Mr.Dan Newlin is one of the top most respected attorneys who currently resides in the U.S. Mr. Dan has not always been a lawyer, however, he has always directed all his careers towards serving the public. According to Mr. Dan Newlin, improving the public service is the key to making our country a better place to live in.

He started nurturing his career at the tender age of eighteen. He took pride of his first job being different from other eighteen year old’s jobs. Instead of starting off as a paperboy or a fast food waiter, Mr. Dan Newlin ventured into the job market as an emergency medical technician (EMT). As an EMT, Dan had to be taught how to quickly respond to life-threatening-situations. Mr. Newlin recalls being in an ambulance with only six months experience on the job trying to assist a woman give birth to her unborn child.

At the age of twenty, Dan Newlin decided to switch his career from being an emergency medical technician to a policeman. As an officer, Dan Newlin worked with the department of police in Indiana. He really loved his job; more so, he also enjoyed the fact that he was serving the community which was his dream goal at any working post he got.
As an officer of the law, Mr. Dan Newlin solved many cases which ranged from fugitives, drug peddling and many more others. After several years of working with the Police force, Mr. Dan Newlin got a promotion which posted him to the Sheriff’s department in Florida.

As a member of the Sheriff’s department, Mr. Dan worked and solved lots of important cases, but there was this one case which brought about a complete turnaround of to his career. This turn around came as a result of a visit to a hospital where he was doing a random interview of people who were involved in road accidents. There is one woman in particular who caught his attention. This woman had been involved in an accident where a reckless driver had rammed into her cars’ side. Although she was doing fine, her unborn child did not survive the accident. After a lengthy talk with the woman, Mr. Newlin discovered that she had not gotten compensated for her loss despite her numerous claims to her insurance company.

This experience shared by that woman led to Mr. Dans career in law. By the year 2001, Mr. Dan Newlin had completed law school, obtained a license and his own law firm. Currently, Mr. Dan Newlin owns two law-firms which have over seventy employees.

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