For what seems like the entire holiday season Mariah Carey has been followed by what looks like a divorce curse. As Mariah fans like Brian Torchin know. the drama started with her less than well received annual performance during the Rockefeller Christmas tree lighting, when Mariah missed the taped performance due to a meeting with her divorce lawyers. Initially Mariah was scrapped from the show but later agreed to perform live, the performance was a pitchy disaster and once the unedited video of the show was leaked to social media many of her fans were left wondering if it was the end of Mariah’s career.

Weeks later Mariah was faced with yet another crazy series of performance bloopers during her show at the Beacon theatre. While Mariah’s voice was much better video of her losing a heel, crying uncontrollably and eventually dropping her battery pack on stage made it obvious that something was just not right in the diva’s usually flawless world. Finally news of her ex assistant suing her for unfair treatment hit the blogs and the divorce curse was undeniable, now it looks like Mariah and Nick are both feeling it as another ex worker plans to sue.

Apparently their former nanny Simonette DaCosta claims that she was a full-time nanny for the twins as infants and cared for them like her own. DaCosta bathed them, fed them and comforted them when they needed affection. Now she claims that Mariah was jealous of the bond between the twins and the nanny and insisted that DaCosta was showing them too much affection.

Much like Mariah’s ex assistant DaCosta also says that she was overworked and underpaid, working overtime of sometimes 100 hours a week. The Nanny wants to be compensated and plans to take Mariah and Nick to court.

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