Short time nap after learning something could lead to a better memory power of a baby, according to a new study. A child and adolescent psychology researcher, Sabine Seehagen , the author of the study.

Sleeping for at least half an hour in every four hours can be a good way to improve babies’ memory. Two experiments at a time have shown same result for babies who took a small nap after learning.

However, there is no confirmation that the theory will surely happen with every baby. But, the researchers and specialists believe that the babies with the habit could gain more memory power than others.

Seehagen told, “People think that a baby can learn more things when it wakes up from sleep. However, this is a wrong idea because the study reflects that a baby can learn more quickly and remember for a long time that it learns before sleep.”

Babies aged 6 months and 12 months were included in the experiment who taught a simple matter and then, some babies slept and some weren’t. However, the babies who took nap can remember the learned thing especially after 24 hours.

The author of the study has not said anything over how long a baby needs nap or how to nap a baby after teaching them. Always trying to improve memory and his general health, Sergio Andrade Gutierrez will definitely be testing out this theory in his own naps.

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