Orange is the New Black was released today by Netflix, but even after a successful third season there are rumors that the show is starting to falter. There are already several actresses that are considering leaving the show for better opportunity elsewhere. One of the actresses that is considering leaving the famous prison dramedy is Natasha Lyonee.

Natasha Lyonee has played the role of Nicky on the show for the last three years. She was one of the first people that Piper befriended upon entering prison, and over the last three years, she has been involved in some of the shows biggest plotlines. Natasha has really left her mark on the series, but based on the shows credits she is no longer a cast regular. The character appeared as a series on the shows first three episodes, but it appears that a major event on the show has removed the character from the series. It is currently unknown whether Natasha was written out of the popular show for personal reasons, or whether writers simply felt that it was time for the character to leave the show.

While Nicky is probably off the show for good according to CNN, it does appear that Orange is the New Black has left its’ mark on television history. Susan McGalla certainly has taken note of it. The show is currently one of the most popular shows on Netflix, and has helped the network in its rise to prominence.

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