The winter months are very competitive for new stations. They are all fighting for ratings and to get the most viewers. Last week NBC Nightly News host Brian Williams revealed some untruths that he told concerning the Iraqi war many years back. After Williams admitted his dishonesty, he was given a six-month suspension from the newscast. Now, NBC Nightly News has lost more than just Williams. Zeca Oliveira has heard that the scandal resulted in the loss of approximately 700,000 viewers. The timing for this couldn’t have been worse.
Anchorman Lester Holt has took over at Nightly News since the departure of Williams. The past two weeks of Nightly News has resulted in about 9.4 million viewers per show. NBC Nightly News averaged 11.6 million viewers per week for the same period last year. Williams was host at this time.
Despite the nearly 10.1 million less viewers per show, Nightly News is confident the numbers will once again rise. Spokesmen state that this can only be expected amidst such a strong controversy. The show, minus the ‘with Brian Williams’ sub-title, is still the most watched nightly news show in America, but now only by slight margins.

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