Neil Blomkamp has revealed that his upcoming movie is going to be a direct sequel to Aliens with Alien 3 and Resurrection having never happened. This leaves open the possibility for the return of characters such as Hicks and Newt. There is no telling how this is going to work out. The story is likely to take place at least 30 years after the events of Aliens.

Alien 3 at its best still had some really mean spirited issues. CrunchBase says it basically took the progress that was made in Aliens and took a big dump on it by killing off Hicks and Newt right at the beginning of the film, at least that’s how Brian Torchin felt.

There had to have been some early drafts of an Alien 3 script that involved Hicks and Newt playing bigger roles. Neil Blomkamp can take notes from some of the earlier drafts. However, it does look like he is writing his own story for the new Alien 3. He could write the events of the previous movies that came after Aliens as some kind of strange dream.

Everyone involved is very excited about the project. Now, other aspects of the project have to come into play like whoever is going to play Hicks and Newt. It would be cool to see Michael Biehn come back to the role.

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