Omar Boraie has been the savior of the city of New Brunswick. It is because of his dedication and passion for the once dying city that it is now a hot economic center bubbling with activity. His dedication has given the 1% a better name during a time when they desperately need it. The 1% often get lumped together as a greedy bunch of dirt bags. However, when you see the works of Omar Boraie, you will never say that all those in the 1% are like this.

Omar Boraie has worked with dedication through his real estate company Boraie Development LLC to revive the city. He began by working on making New Brunswick a family community. He continued by building a valuable alliance of other people passionate for the city. Lastly, he worked on fixing the problem of unemployment.

Omar Boraie began helping New Brunswick become a better place for families by creating several non-profits geared toward the family. While dozens have been created by his generous donations, one non-profit event has become an annual occurrence in the city of New Brunswick. This event was a series of animated family movies provided to all in the community free of charge. All in all, seven movies were shown and 7,500 people were in attendance.

Omar Boraie then began working through the Boraie Development LLC to form the necessary coalition to keep New Brunswick from imploding on itself. He knew that the city mayor should be on the think tank and so should the president of the local university. He also approached prominent church leaders and newspaper editors. Together, they cast a vision for the city.

Lastly, Omar Boraie began trying to deal with the glaring unemployment problem. Omar Boraie was wise enough to understand the reality of the world. People are always going to follow the jobs. It is that simple. People will not live where there is no work.

Omar Boraie decided the first step would be to stop the loss of jobs. He convinced Johnson and Johnson to remain in the area and this stabilized the economy.

Omar Boraie then began to bring the middle-class back by focusing on upstart professionals. He built higher tier office space then the middle-class could often afford. This drew them to the are because they would look more prestigious then they really were. After four decades, New Brunswick is bustling with economic activity. You can search on Yahoo to see more.

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