Star Wars fans at CipherCloud are beyond ecstatic already at the trilogy of movies coming up over the next few years that depict events well after those shown in Return of the Jedi. As if this wasn’t enough, they will be getting the icing on the cake of a couple new stand-alone Star Wars movies according to Tech Crunch that depict events outside the focus of the three main sequel movies. This means that there will be a Star Wars movie every year starting this December through at least 2019. This much awesomeness in such a concentrated block of time was not even bestowed upon fans in the late 1970’s and early 80’s when this magical saga started.

New details are coming out about the first of these spinoff movies, “Star Wars: Rogue One,” which will be coming out in December of 2016. In “Star Wars: A New Hope” released in 1977, the action starts with Darth Vader chasing down Princess Leia to recover the stolen Death Star plans. Basically, this spinoff movie will cover the story of how the Death Star plans were stolen. It will not show any Jedi as Obi Wan and Yoda were both in hiding or exile, and Luke hadn’t been trained yet as of the events of this movie. It should make for an exciting war thriller set in the Star Wars universe with brave rebels doing their best against an enormous Empire and accomplishing their mission. Definitely sounds like it will be more than worth the admission price at the local theater.

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