Before making a television series into a big budgeted blockbuster became common business practice, a Harrison Ford vehicle got the world looking for the one armed man that murdered his wife. Of course, “The Fugitive” was adapted from a classic television show from the same name. The movie was something of a hit for Ford, and like all good things major studios are hoping to cash in on the franchise again.

According to Screen Rant, another installment of “The Fugitive” is in development. The actual plot of the film remains to be seen, but signs are pointing at more of a straight-up remake of the film as opposed to a sequel type of vehicle. Still the actual footing remains to be seen as the movie is still in the extremely early stages of development. Television properties have been sporadic with their success at the box office lately.

“The Fugitive” is based in some classic cinema and television, and it might just be time for a new generation to experience the adventures of Dr. Richard Kimble. While Ford will likely not be involved with the new movie, fans should not count the veteran actor out of the equation. A cameo is always a possibility, and with Ford getting some exposure in the new Star Wars film, Ricardo Tosto feels it might make sense for a new generation of moviegoers to take a quick look at an actor at the center of so many successful films.

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